Alpincourse for National Russian League of Instructors

Alpincourse for National Russian League of Instructors

This year National Russian League of Instructors (ISIA) first time decided to make Alpincourse for ski and snowboard instructors in Russia. The course was organised by Moscow Mountaineering Federation and they asked me to teach on this programm. This was a big honor for me.Alpincurse web 38

You can find a quick report about the course below.

Alpincourse is a part of qualification programm for expierienced instructors of ISIA. It is a combination of avalanche training, resque course (in avalanche and glacier crevasses), and some basic training of decision making on skitour and freeride.

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Alpincourse 2

Study on alpincourse in required for ISIA instructors of A catagory, who can work on off-piste programms as well.

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Alpincurse web 38 10The course was very intense and challenging, but very effective and  pleasant because of high level of professionalism of everyone who participate in course. Thanks a lot!

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We worked from 12 till 19th of April on Elbrus and Cheget slopes.

It was very sunny but there were just few people on resort at the end of the season.

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In th eend of the course we did a skitour to Kogutai valley.

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Thanks a lot to Kirill Varan for his help during the course and hotel "Sosnovij Bor" and personally to Roman for very their hospitality.

Thanks ещ our sponsors: Gore-Tex, ARVA and VENTO.

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